Frequently Asked Questions

1. What format suits my needs?

PDF (*.pdf)
Format readable with compatible PDF reader, like Adobe Acrobat Reader®, whose last version that is fully free is accessible on
EPUB (*.epub)
Format based on XHTML readable on every types of devices.
Mobipocket (*.prc)
Format readable with Mobipocket® reader, particularly practical for mobile devices (telephone), and some e-reader (cybook and Kindle). Visit the mobipocket website for more information.

2. What reading application on movable support do I need to read an Epub format?

Here are the applications that our teams use during digital-guide reading.

3. Can I download my e-book in 3G?

No, it is recommended to download the file via high-speed Wi-fi. The file is too large to be downloaded in 3G.

4. Why can't my ebook be downloaded on my smartphone/tablet/e-reader?

The epub or pdf file can be too large to download for the browser of your mobile device. It is better in that case to download it on your computer, then synchronise it with your tablet or smartphone.

5. The file is downloaded but I do not find it. Where is it?

Depending on your browser, the file appears in the "Vos téléchargements" file at the top right for Firefox, at the bottom left for Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer.